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(If you already own a domain name, you can bring it with you.
There's no contract to worry about, and you can opt out of Jam whenever you like)


Workshop recipe

Use our free workshop pack to help you (and your team) plan the perfect website. A great way of making sure your Jam site fits in with your organisation’s goals. If you need more support, you can even come to a facilitated workshop.

The ultimate user-friendly site

One page websites are easier to manage. They make it simple for visitors to navigate around your site, absorb your message and take action to help. Using our simple editor, it's equally easy for you to make changes to your website as needed, so you're always in control.

Hosted software

We host your site on our secure servers, so you can update it from anywhere, with nothing to install and no security worries. We make sure your site meets accessibility best practice and works for all your visitors whether they’re using it on a PC, a phone or a tablet

A friendly community

Join the network of Jam users - not-for-profit organisations and online communications experts sharing tips, best practice and inspiration. Somewhere to shout about great ideas, somewhere to turn if you get stuck. Check out these super short videos to get you started.

"I feel really proud of myself..."

...So said Emma from Northway P.T.A when she realised she'd just built her very own Jam website in just a couple of hours. We were out and about in Liverpool helping local community groups and small businesses make their own easy-to-use websites - and we're equally proud of their amazing results!  

Why not have a little taste? 

Explore the websites that these lovely organisations have made using Jam....

...have created a beautiful, friendly online portfolio. Their use of photography really lifts the site - just looking at it reminds us of walking through a garden!

Helping Uganda Schools (hugs)
...has clarified the design of their website to make it far clearer for their supporters. They've also used a customised background which really brands the site.

...are a theatre company composed of young artists with disabilities. All the members got involved in creating their site, with wonderful results.

Our Digital Planet
...customised their website further, by using the CSS function within JAM, to change the underlying look of a default website.

Manchester Social Media Surgeries
...have followed the Jam recipe to create a useful, easy to use site, and have created an effective video to help their visitors understand what they do.

...wanted a clean, simple site to recruit runners, and let people know what to expect on race day. They needed to be able to update the site quickly and easily.

Still think you need more than one page? Check out the Wordpress or Drupal communities to do-it-yourself. We'll miss you, though :-(

First month free

With Jam, your first month is free!  Only after this period will we ask you for your payment details. 

Nothing else to buy 

We’ll never try and upsell you any extras. When we say one page, we mean one page. 

No spam 

We’ll only contact you when it’s really important, and we’ll never share your details. Even with our best friends.

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System requirements

Jam sites adapt automatically to the capabilities of all popular browsers. They look great on modern browsers, and cope sensibly with older kit. 

To edit your Jam site, though, you will need a recent setup - our favourite is Google Chrome, which you can download for free here

Recommended: Up-to-date Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer 9 or 10. 

Minimum: Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP. 


We've worked hard to make sure the Jam site you make follows accessibility best technical practice. That said, online accessibility is necessarily a compromise between the different needs of many users, so if you or your visitors do encounter any problems with using your site, please let us know.

We're committed to making our editor tool as accessible as possible too, and we believe it is ARIA-compatible. However, as best practice in this area is still emerging we don't feel we can make promises about this. If you would like to test the editor with your particular assistive devices prior to purchase to be sure it will work for you, please get in touch